Welcome To Dr K. Maharaj & Connor-Med Health Centre

DR KANAYA MAHARAJ is a general Family Practitioner & dispensing doctor with years of experience in private practice & previoysly
in the public sector hospital.

Various in-house procedures and services are offered by Dr Maharaj at Conner-Med. He also admits and attends to patients at the 3 private hospitals on the South Coast. Contracted to most medical aids. Affordable cash consultations including medication.

We endeavor to accomodate all walk-in patients and we welcome appointments.


Under the personal supervision of Dr Kanaya Maharaj (dispensing doctor) and Mrs Shamin Maharaj (pharmacist) the dispensary offers you a quick access to prescription, chronic and self medication.We also offer a free delivery service within Port Shepstone (conditions may apply) You may also call in for your scripts and we will process and have them in readiness for collection.The contact number for the dispensary remains the same as that of the practice.

We also have a clinic offering you basic screening tests eg Blood sugar and pressure and for the administration of basic injections eg Vitamin BCo, B12, Pain, Family planning, etc. Please contact the practice for the available hours of the pharmacist to complete the injections and assist with Pharmacist advised therapy of over the counter medication. The afternoon practice hours may vary.


Spoil yourself or simply get rid of your stress by booking in at the pamper Connor. A quilified therapist is employed daily and her services include various massages, nails, facials, waxing & a Special teens package to pamper your little ones. The hours of operations are the same as the surgery hours and appointments between 5-7pm also welcome.

Alexander Body sugaring is another form of hair removal and we have a visiting therapist every Thursday who runs the clinic with this service. She is available from 8am to 6pm but if need increases she will visit the practice more than once a week.


Pharmacist, Shamin Maharaj enjoys bringing out the beauty in women. This clinic is however not limited to women only and we do welcome men who are keen to shed some centimeters. The clinic offers :

  • A Diet & Lifestyle-modification weight loss program which is a safe, effective means of reducing appetite, increasing metabolism, burning fat and losing weight. It’s a concept built around the Diet & Health Clinic’s concept of weightloss, and involves an initial detox, weekly monitoring and follow ups, weekly injections, a suggested eating plan and combined with the use of oral medication. It’s a month-to-month program that is safe for hypertensives, diabetics and even those on chronic medication. The only contra-indication is pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Non-invasive Laser Liposuction is weight loss method that guarantees a 2-3cm loss after each session. It’s a safe, easy way to shed centimeters with/without an eating plan. Although we do recommend a suggested eating plan to enhance efficacy. It is especially useful to tone and firm the areas of your body that have stubborn loose folds of skin. Each session is 30-40min and focuses on a particular area per session eg. Abdomen or thighs or arms, etc. A minimum of 1-2 sessions per week are suggested for best results until the client reaches his/her goal. It is based on the concept of a Vacuum suction probe, a Electromagnetic probe & the Laser lightwith cellulite breakdown mechanisms.  Adding to the services of Beauty and Skin care, the clinic also offers
  • Photodynamic Skin Rejuvenation Therapy which is exposure to varying wavelengths of light against a particular area of skin to improve conditions of acne, scarring and blemishes. Sessions
    are 20-25min each and at least 2 sessions per week are suggested for best results.
  • Skin Lightning Infusions are also available at the medical centre. These are intravenous infusions which improve skin texture, complexion, elasticity and general condition.

The above treatments are only done after a free, personal, no obligation consultation with the patient. You may contact the rooms to set up an appointment for the above services.


Te concept of a wholistic approach to healthcare is what Connor-Med Health, Beauty & Lifestyle Centre hopes to focus on in the near and distant future. In keeping with this as their brain-child, we also offer the following services.

Therapists and /or instructors from the community are joined forces with Dr and Mrs Maharaj to offer a comprehensive, convenient and complete healthcare service.

Classes are kept to a very small number to maintain privacy and allow for individual time and attention. Groups are ‘ladies-only’ or May also be a children’s mixed group (age 6-12 years). Please call the practice or the relevant contact number for more information on days of classes,
available space and any other information required.

Mrs Ansuya Singh takes this concept forward with her weekly classes at Connor-Med. Offering meditation, breathing, relaxation and simple stretches within her 1-hour yoga lesson, Ansuya strives help the body and mind.
Contact Ansuya on 082 781 0300

Will be started shortly in the new year.

An additional service to look forward to.

Lead by a female gym instructor this additional workout will fast gain popularity in 2018

Please contact us on 039 682 2479 for further information or Drop us an email on kanaya@mweb.co.za with any suggestions, comments or concerns. Follow our Facebook page Dr Kanaya Maharaj for additional updates on future classes, events and happenings
We look forward to your support and hope that we can make a difference in your life. In a fast pace life with numerous personal, social, financial and family obligations, we are striving to bring you a service that suits your lifestyle and allows you to unwind and relax whilst taking advantage of all on offer. We hope to strengthen family relationships and alleviate the stress factor from all our daily lives.